Fall Happenings and Sheep Update

The summer temperatures are leaving us and fall is coming (I hope!). The sheep spent the brief heatwave at the end of August in shade but are happy to be out again! This week they’ve been in a far section of the field, which is still covered from some spring grasses, along with sunflowers, lower growing summer grasses, and other plants.

We have two sheep for sale, Thialfi and Ullr, both purebred ram lambs, 6 months old each. They’re looking for their new home where they can have some girlfriends of their own! They’re trained to electric fence netting. Additional info on the For Sale page. We also offer delivery for most of Texas (additional fee). Below, you can see Ullr hanging out with his mother. Sheep lambs will tend to hang out and follow mom over other sheep, even after weaning!

We’ll be buying a couple bales of hay for the upcoming winter this fall, high on our to-do list. As the field growth slows down, the sheep are being moved daily to avoid overgrazing and leaving the ground bare. We’ll also be doing seeding of a couple spots in the field to help stimulate new growth once spring arrives next year.

Okra is still flowering, though most pods are being left alone for seed

With the cooler temperatures comes an end to the summer crops and the fall crop transition. We’ve got peas, carrots, potatoes, and cabbages in the ground. If you’re in North Texas, there’s still time to plant some leafy greens!

Some things you can plant in 7b/8a this month:

  • Spinach
  • Cabbages
  • Turnips
  • Western radishes and Daikon radishes
  • Peas
  • Mustard Greens
  • Onions and bunching onions

We’ll be planting some quick cabbages, turnips, daikon radishes, and lots of spinach this month! As things cool down, maturity dates extend too. We aren’t planting some sections, so we add some compost, and mulch it over! It’ll protect and nurture the soil and help keep weeds out over winter. Our mulch of choice is hay leftover from the hay bales.

Currently in the garden, the fall peas have sprouted and grown a bit, surviving the 105F heat from August! They still got a ways to go but the weather will be great for them these next couple weeks.

A trellis built from some leftover fence stakes and hay bale twine

I’m looking for to the cooler weather and the garden vegetables once more. I hope everyone here has a great upcoming September! Next week we’ll post a recipe for lamb with barley stew we been trialing!

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