Monthly Happenings- November

October was a busy month, and November will still have some work to do! Overall it was a good month to catch up and clean up the garden. We still have a feral pig roaming around the properties. So our long-term goal of a slightly-sturdier fence was undertaken. We expanded the garden range so that we can have more beds too. The fencing won’t stop a hungry pig, but it will deter them ever-so-slightly which is the goal.

The hardest work came before the ice-storm in getting the posts in. The ground was hard from no rain until the end of the month. Shortly after the photo above, we packed in the tiller and stuff to bunker down from the cold. Post melting of the ice, the project was finished quick:

The garden was harvested one last time for warm-season crops. Predictably, the okra and eggplant plants all died post ice-storm. The squash plants were harvested for these three squash below. They were turned into puree and am currently experimenting in Squash Quick Bread/Muffins. The squash vines were given to the sheep who ate it quite readily.

The peanuts from earlier were fully dried, so after cleaning the shell, we roasted them and shelled them. The colors were beautiful. The peanuts were turned into a small amount of peanut butter, which then got made into granola bars along with oats and honey.

With the garden slowing down for the rest of they year, the only things that were left when the ice/snow came were cold hardy vegetables. The cabbages, peas, rutabagas, and parsnips all survived well. The wheat and barley also survived too! Waking up to the earliest measureable snowfall in Abilene was certainly “fun”.

The sheep and geese were not pleased but made it through fine! The sheep are off the field until at least February. Depends on how the precipitation of the snow and rains come this winter. They’re currently on wheat hay as our usual supplier has seemingly disappeared, well, more as if we can’t get a hold of them after initially calling them. The field was better off after this wintery weather though. It was our first (and last) precipitation for the whole month of October, ending under-average.

The sheep are being sheep, eating and bleating, and all that fun. They want to go outside and eat the grass, but alas, the long-term health of the field must take priority. They’ll be kept safe and warm in their pen and given plenty to eat! As an added note, there will be no post on the week of Thanksgiving (Nov. 24th). Have a safe and happy holiday!

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