Monthly Happenings- May

Rain, rain, and more rain

The defining weather of April was at the end, when the region got lots of rain in the span of a week. We recorded about 5.5 inches of rain on our property. However, since we’re at the bottom of the street, we also suffered from the neighbor across the street. Tilling a field repeatedly can cause issues with rain absorption. Whereas our field handled the rain quite well, only producing minor puddles, this field has a serious erosion problem. If I was the owner, I’d be mad at the tenants for tilling the field 1-2 times per year, cause now all that rain is washing away your soil (and onto our property). Our field, a no-till field with a focus on perennials for pasture didn’t even have stagnant puddles on the surface until late in the rains, closer to when we got the last inch batch of rain.

The geese certainly had some fun though in this rain. Took a short video of them splashing and watering themselves down in the pond. Some don’t like the pond for whatever reason; but we offer it to them usually in the morning as a chance to get in and splash around.

Gardening Fun

At first the rains flooded the garden. The garden is set somewhat below the general surface level in order to help capture and hold rain when it comes. It is based off of learning of agriculture techniques of various Native American nations in the Southwest including the Navajo garden “waffle” style. Within several hours the rainwater was absorbed or had run off. Overall the garden is loving the rains, though it has made it harder to work due to the clay soil. Plantings are mostly done, sorghum and okra were put in last week (as of this post). The wheat and barley are nearing completion, while the sunflowers, shown above, are about to enter their flower stage.

Sheep Grazing

The rains held up the grazing for a day or two, but the sheep were right back out and clamoring for some grass. The rains will definitely help the field stay soil-moist for May and into June. This in turn will keep the grasses growing and boost the warm-season grasses that are starting to come in. The sheep are separated into two groups, Thor’s group is above. It’s Thor, Komuji (paler white), Koji (closest to fence), Avani (behind Koji), and Segeumchi, Avani’s daughter.

Magni’s group was more scattered around the electric netting; but he’s front and center with Bjorn (Sahara’s son), Noemchi (Sahara’s eldest daughter), Nabi behind Bjorn, and off to the far-right is Shata and her son Mjolnir. All-in-all, the sheep are enjoying their time on the pasture and with this rain, we’ll be set for good pasture for the next couple months! Stay safe and wear sunscreen!

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