Monthly Happenings- July

After rainy washed-out May, June was still rainy, but at least not as washed-out! The temperatures in Texas have been cooler or close to historical normals, making for quite happy plants and animals all around. Above, our resident Mississippi kite has been hanging out in the trees near the house, now with a second kite nearby. We suspect they may be trying to make a nest somewhere. Kites are great for insect control in the garden, they have a diet mostly made up of large insects as well as other small prey like mice. The reason for not having a June Monthly Happening was the days we were writing, a new baby lamb was born, Ame.

She’s already been featured in a Baby Lamb Checklist post. Her mom is Nabi, and both are doing quite well. This is also Nabi’s first lamb. Ame will be available later in the year for sale. And to top it off again, another baby lamb was born, we were expecting twins given the size of the mom but instead got a huge baby boy: Megingjord. At one day old, he was already bigger than a 2-week old lamb. With these two summer babies, no more lambs are expected to be born until the fall.

With all the rain, the field has really grown tall; especially with the weeds. The sheep though have been loving it; eating tons of grasses and forbs in the field. Some thistle has shown up in our field too, but the sheep don’t eat it unfortunately. Probably too prickley to munch on. We’re removing it as we come across it with a hoe. Summer grasses though are in full swing and the perennial grasses are starting to make seeds. The sweet clover is also finishing up and beginning to go to seed as well.

So far all is going well in the garden too, though with the recent rains at the end of June, it made for some muddy plots. Okra is blooming and starting to overwhelm us, while the long beans we planted are doing great and proving themselves to be a fruitful plant to have around. One thing to note is that starting next week, July 12th, Mjolnir will be up for sale. This ram lamb has his CDT shots, been growing vigorously, and is used to electric fence netting. We will update the For Sale page once he’s ready. With July here, we hope you had a great 4th of July and a safe holiday!

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