Barbados Blackbelly

The Barbados Blackbelly sheep is a breed of sheep that originated on the island of Barbados in the Caribbean. It is considered to be a conservation-worthy breed by The Livestock Conservancy [1]. It is a small meat breed of sheep, ranging from 75-100 lbs for ewes and 100-130 lbs for rams. These sheep are a joy to have on the field, each with their own personality, likes, and dislikes. We also consider them to be very beautiful, with their wonderful colors and black belly and markings. It is pleasant to watch them graze when out in the field.

Besides the personal connection, we’ve found that Barbados Blackbellies are superb at:

  • Easier birthing and caring for their lambs
  • Smaller impact on the land and vegetation
  • Hardy in both cold and hot weather
  • Sheds their coat so you don’t have to shave them
  • Prolific, twins births not uncommon
  • More parasite-resistant
  • Tastes great!

We raise our sheep to be healthy, happy, and do what sheep like to do best: graze upon native grass. Barbados Blackbellies are less picky than some sheep breeds and will eat and thrive in many environments with little supplementation. That’s perfect if you’re still working on bringing your land up in forage. They’re also considered to be parasite-resistant with good husbandry [2]. If you’re new to sheep raising, Barbados Blackbellies are an excellent beginners’ sheep to raise and care for. We have collected information on sheep care, just head over to our Sheep Care page.

We consider Barbados Blackbelly sheep to be an excellent sheep meat! When raised on mostly grass you’ll get a lean red meat that tastes mild and flavorful. We share sheep recipes (and more!) over on our blog, be sure to check out how to cook this wonderful meat.

We love taking care of our sheep and would love to share this experience with you. Do you want to add a Barbados Blackbelly sheep to your farm or have some questions? Head on over to the For Sale page or Contact Us with anything you want to ask!

[1] Barbados Blackbelly Page at The Livestock Conservancy

[2] Breeds of Livestock Barbados Blackbelly at Oklahoma State University

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