We’re Amestris Mars Ranch, LLC, a husband and wife team of Trevor and Ashton. We have a sheep ranch located on the northern side of Abilene, Texas! We have a small herd of Barbados Blackbelly sheep split into two breeding groups that graze upon our field throughout the spring and summer and fall!

But what are we? What do we aim for?

First a short background. We wanted some livestock when we first bought our house in 2017, but we did not feel cows or horses or donkeys were suitable for the land size we had nor the climate we live in. Abilene is semi-arid, with only about 24 inches of rain per year (on a good year!) and we inherited a field that was previously used to grow crops. The soil is dry, clay, and cracked when there’s no rain. Given our land resources and our desire to stay more natural and live within our boundaries, we decided upon sheep.

So we set out converting this field into pasture, buying native grass and flower seed, mowing down weeds up to twice a year, and now three years in, our efforts are beginning to bear fruit. Perennial grasses are beginning to take hold, annual spring grasses are growing lush each year, fostering an environment full of flowers, insects, wild animals, and even wild birds like Mississippi kites!

So what are we aiming for?

We are aiming to raise quality, healthy, happy sheep that live in better sync with the nature provided to us. This in turn provides hearty-raised sheep that give flavorful meat. We raise and do slaughter our own sheep, bringing them to a local slaughterhouse to process. Our eventual goal is to bring the Barbados Blackbelly to the lamb-meat market, giving the public a high-quality meat that delicious and tasty.

We aim to keep our field healthy by allowing a diverse set of native grasses to grow, fostering diversity in wildlife, and minimizing our impact on the environment. We want to share our ideals of promoting the environment and lesser impact living through this website’s blog.

We want to sell our sheep to you, the customer to happy homes who will care for them. We will also bring them to the auction house, selling sheep to supply lamb to the wider market. In the next three-to-five years we aim then to build our herd larger, to begin to regularly bring quality lamb meat to customers at affordable prices. But, it is one step at a time, and we will enjoy every minute of it on our journey!

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